Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wallace and gromit

Sorry to anyone who has been checking out my blog and found nothing new of any interest for a long time . In fact nothing new for a long time since last year ! I have been very, very, very busy on a top secret project( that all my friends know about) working on an h.d. anamatic as part of the pitch to get the movie of the first book of 'his dark materials' trilogy by Philip Pullman green lit . The presentation was really top end and if I had a couple of hundred million I would want to make the film . Its early days but things look promising.
Why the Wallace and Gromit storyboards I hear you ask ? Good question ....Both of you ! I drew this as a test to get involved in the movie based on a few pages of early script. I ended up on Corpse Bride , the rest is history .
so there was a loose connection with the two things ....Just about .
any comments appreciated- just to know someone is still looking !!