Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lucy's shoes

Lucy’s shoes

Lucy’s new shoes were so big
She had the biggest shoes.
Her shoes were so very pink
Lucy’s new shoes were big news.

She wore the new shoes all day,
She wore them in bed all night.
She always wore the new shoes.
Lucy’s new shoes were just right.

Lucy showed off her new shoes
And all her friends loved them too.
Her shoes were the shoes they’d choose
If their feet were size twenty-two.

Then one day the shoes came off
As Lucy walked down the street
Which wasn’t surprising really
Because Lucy had very small feet !

So the shoes went back to the shop
And replaced with shoes the right size
You can’t wear shoes ten sizes too big
If they’re pink and up to your thighs!

So Lucy no longer has big shoes
And it came as quite a big shock,
It’s not so much the size of your feet
It’s all about the size of your sock!

a little poem i wrote for my mates daughter .she seemed to like it .

keep your eyes peeled for 'penelope's poo' !!', coming soon .


Smook said...

Now just illustrate it and you have yourself a children's book, Dean.

Dean Roberts said...

now there's an idea !!!

UM said...

But don't quit your day job just yet!

Elliot said...

I would like to see the Shoe story and the Poo story combined into a single epic.
Shoe VS Poo - or something like it.

Diego Munhoz said...

Hello Dean... your style is fabulous!!!

Take a look in my blog, have new sketches there!!


the doodlers said...

haha! Its seuss-ian, and fun to say out loud.

Garrett Gilchrist said...

Hello Mr. Roberts! Greatly enjoying this blog.

Off topic, but I would like to send you a copy of my Thief and the Cobbler restoration. Could you email me your mailing address, to tygerbug (at) yahoo.com?

mr-dunn* said...

enough of thr poems-heres a pic of dennis deegan for ya-

mr-dunn* said...


dean roberts 1964...scroll down..

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Look when are you updating this Blog !
I'm not paying my subscription next month for another poem !!!

Mark said...

The boards on here are great man...I'm learning alot just by skimming through...


mr-dunn* said...


click on the audio clips-
cool video clips too

alberto mielgo said...

you taken drugs.

Fashion said...

nice post on lucy's shoes....i always prefer wearing nike shoes and i fit very well...