Tuesday, October 25, 2005

family photo

I thought you might like to see a picture of me and my little boy ( who is now four ) thanks to Gary Dunn for the stirling photoshop work !


the doodlers said...

Hello Dean! haha! Now that we know what you look like, we're linking to you.


Arna and John

Virginia Valle said...

Nice to see you :)

Smook said...

Your board work is fantastic, Dean! Thanks for posting them, very much appreciated and always looking forward to future posts!

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Love your work. Your drawings kick ass and I can't wait for more. thank you and goodnight.

UM said...

Hey Dean,
This picture always makes me laugh. Go get those Bean boards!

Matthew Cruickshank said...

It's You!!! You were in Lush when Uli fell down the stairs- you inflated my Ego before I left, and now you put up work to deflate me!

Exceptional skills, nice to have met you.

Matt J said...

No, the big baby who fell down the stairs in LUSH was me! Luckily I was a soft landing for Uli, it was like a giraffe & a sofa tumbling down those steps! We both landed in a heap on top of the compere from the Comedy Club upstairs. Dean did a funny sketch of the whole incident.

alberto mielgo said...


what a man.


okay, i'm officially scared of you now! Dean Roberts stars in "Honey, I swapped heads with the Baby"!