Friday, October 28, 2005

wallop - stitch that !

well tomororrorrrorroww is saturday and that means football day . so lets hope this doesn't happen to me ....again !
it was my own fault really . i looked at him . i was asking for it really!


UM said...

Haha, I remember you coming to the studio with brain damage after this incident. But, hang on, no, that was before that every single time, and, come to think of it afterwards as well.Hm.

Matt J said...

So THAT'S why you draw like a spaz!!

Dean Roberts said...

i can feel the warmth and affection pouring out of you guys - we'll have to have a big group hug - in a pub! said...

And when you're busy hugging each other in the middle of the pub you suddenly discover that it's the favourite pub of the football club that lost because of you, Dean. :)

Discovered your blog thanks to Uli. Great work, please keep bloggin'.



alberto mielgo said...

He is one of the electricians in Corpse?
You are an artist!!! YOU SHOULDN"T PLAY FOOTBALL!! ANIMAL!!!
I like the drawing a lot btw. I really you.

linda_louise said...

Im a little concerned looking over your old posts Dean, as if someone head butted you! I hope you shouted abuse at him....while running away really really fast!