Tuesday, October 25, 2005

shave and a hair cut- 2 bits ....fall off !

A few more Corpse Bride boards . The two above are of Victor's attempt to escape the Land of the Dead but to no avail .
Early boards of victor staggering into the land of the dead barber shop .There was no specific script for these scenes which allowed myself and the other board artists freedom to come up with ideas and to stage things how we saw it . A lot of fun .


Giles said...

It's so excellent and exciting to see these...they're beautiful drawings.

Thanks ever so much for displaying these :)

the doodlers said...

Hello Dean! Great stuff! Since you were working without a specific script did these boards evolve much during the story building? I imagine that these initial boards might have gone through several stages of change before they were 'final'.

Not to get greedy or anything, but we'd love to see those boards you did on Bean too. When you get some time that is!

Dean Roberts said...

doodlers -on corpse i think it would be safe to say every seq. was redrawn several times . many seqs. were drawn by all the board artists at some point . the opening of the film was boarded in dozens of different ways .sometimes it was purely because the full scale sets couldn't accomodate the shots we wanted to do . sometimes creative !
you know i don't actually have any of my bean boards - i shall see if i can get hold of some from tiger aspect -- why didn't i keep any of them - stupid ..stupid .
i'll be posting some tarzan stuff soon though - keep a look out

Yaxin said...

I see such great drawing skills in this blog.

alberto mielgo said...

What a man, what a time.
Was great to work with you.

beautifull boards, lord.

Arioch said...

Very interesting stuff!
I'm glad to see your storyboards!
It's nice to have the opportunity to discover a storyboard artist of Corpse's Bride.
I hope too see more and more drawings.

Thanks for sharing!

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